Donate Now to Operation A.B.L.E.The barriers to re-employment for job seekers 45 and older -- many of whom have been out of work for a year or longer -- are becoming nearly insurmountable. Only through in-depth training in relevant job skills, personal preparation, and intensive job search support can jobless mature workers make their way to meaningful employment once again.  As public funding for job training continues to shrink, the market will need to step in to fill the void -- a need that is unprecedented in recent memory.

Your tax-deductible donation to Operation A.B.L.E. will make an enormous impact on our ability to provide job training, employment services, and advocacy to a growing population of mature workers. 

This is a defining moment for Operation A.B.L.E. of New England. We are growing at a rapid rate and serving more job seekers than at any point in our history. 

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